Commercial - Construction Credit Solutions

Our commercial credit report service are investigative and will reveal who your customer is, who exactly is behind the company name, type of ownership, possible related companies with common ownership, trade supplier, payment trends, business registered address, potential liens, and collection or legal items against them. From the information we obtain for you, you will develop a detailed picture of your potential customer to ensure you are working with a secure, reputable, established credit-worthy company. The knowledge gained from our reports you will feel secure knowing you are working with a company you want to do business with and knowing your new customer pay their bills on time and as agreed with your credit term practices. 

Credit Application Verification Service

Every business requesting credit terms should complete your credit application. The basic credit application would include data such as the business address, contact information, HST number, and trade references. Trade references would include other businesses who have extended credit to your potential new customer. Credit applications usually start the foundation of a business relationship and provides the creditor an opportunity in starting to get to know their customer. Our clients send us their credit applications electronically to start the verification process and we immediately go to work building a credit profile of your potential new customer. 

CrediFacts provides our valued clients with Corporate and Personal Property Security Act (P.P.S.A.) Reports.  These reports are obtained through the various Provincial Ministries.  In today's business environment current and verified credit information is an absolute must. Real time credit information is critical if you wish to ensure prompt payment, stay ahead of your competition, and avoid potential risky customers who end up as a bad debt.

Financial health of your company is critical, cash flow is king, so why not invest in due diligence by getting to know your new customer before commencing a new project.  Your time is valuable to you so why not hire an off site credit support service to address some of the credit processes your company requires from time to time.  Credifacts offers a variety of customized tailored credit services. 

Credit Support Service

Commercial Credit Report Service

Reporting on commercial businesses by offering real time customized credit reports as well as search documents based on up to date information. CrediFacts place our clients in the best possible position to manage, mitigate credit risk and to make sound credit decisions. 

Commercial Business Service