What value do I receive by posting a judgment on this site?

It allows your judgment to be seen via the internet

Judgment debtors will be more visible to the public

It serves as a deterrent to other potential debtors

It allows you the opportunity to offer a reward

No debtor wants it to be known they do not pay their financial obligations

It is an inexpensive and powerful device to potentially obtain information on your debtor

How to pay for the posting?

Payment can be issued by credit card using the payment link button which will take you to Paypal who will process the transaction.  Alternatively you can mail your cheque payable to Credifacts c/o Stewart Valentine, # 3 - 36 Beehive Drive, Bolton, ON, L7E 2T3

How do I send a copy of the judgment for evaluation and eventual posting?

Judgment documents may be sent by email to: credifacts@gmail.com

How do I submit multiple judgments?

We recommend keeping the judgments separate, i.e. one judgment = one email, two judgments = two emails, etc.  We do not recommend combining multiple judgments in one email as this may delay evaluation and posting time.

What is the debtor disputes the judgment posting?

In the event a judgment debtor insists the posting is in error, false, disputed, paid, or unenforceable we may require additional information from you to confirm the accuracy of your judgment document.

Are we allowed to publish an individual's personal information of the Internet?

Credifacts is mindful to comply with all Canadian law with respects to privacy.

Credifacts platform is to assist in the collecting of information pertaining to outstanding debts owed to you which is supported by the enforceable judgment order issued by a court within Canada.

Under Canadian law it is permissible to disclose personal information for the purpose of collecting a debt owed by an individual under S.C. 2000, C-5, Section 7 of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. However once the debt is 100 % satisfied and collected you lose the right to disclose such information.  The judgment posting will be removed from the Credifacts platform.  For verification please visit the following link: http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/PDF/P-8.6.pdf 

I am the judgment debtor, how do I get my name off this site?

You must pay the amount owed and provide to Credifacts proof of payment; OR

Produce a document from the Creditor the debt is no longer owed; OR

If you filed for bankruptcy or CCAA - Company Creditor Arrangement Act protection, you must provide a copy of the documents or an affidavit supporting your claim.  Upon verification and confirmation by Credifacts and/or the Creditor the posting will be removed.

What is a stay of proceedings?
The judgment debtor may possibly advise Credifacts / Creditor a stay of proceedings has been initiated; it is an order issued by the courts preventing the enforcement of the judgment.  A stay may occur if the judgment has been set aside pending an appeal of the case; a court has ordered a payment schedule and the judgment debtor is honoring the payment schedule, or as a result of bankruptcy proceedings.  Once a stay is validated Credifacts will remove the posting until the Creditor can show the stay of proceedings no longer applies.


The information provided below, FAQ, is provided for information purposes only and should not be interpreted as legal advise.

I am the judgment debtor how do I pay the outstanding debt?

You must contact the Creditor and make arrangements for payment. If you do not have the Creditor information Credifacts will provide contact information to you.

I am the judgment debtor, can I pay Credifacts the outstanding debt?

NO - Credifacts is not a collection agency and will not accept payment from you.  All payment arrangements are to be made directly with the Creditor.

I am not the judgment debtor however we have the same name?

Credifacts makes every effort to clearly identify the true judgment debtor by publishing the debtor's name(s), date of birth, last known address, past known addresses in order to reduce the possibility of misidentification. However it is possible for a person to have the same name; if this occurs the person should provide information distinguishing you from the judgment debtor and notify Credifacts by email at credifacts@gmail.com.

How can I find out if a reward is owed?

If you are the Advisor/Tipster there will be evidence contained within the registered court file indicating an enforcement action was undertaken using information you have provided.  The Advisor/Tipster should contact the Creditor.

If a judgment posting has less than a $200.00 balance will it be removed?

Yes, Credifacts will remove the judgment posting if it is shown there is less than a $200.00 balance outstanding. A judgment debtor who has not paid off such a small amount should not have to continue seeing their name on this platform.

How do I find out who the Advisor/Tipster is?

The identification of the Advisor/Tipster is kept confidential at all times by Credifacts and the Creditor. The only way to obtain the identity from Credifacts is with a court order advising the information is to be disclosed.

Once I have a judgment posted do I need to monitor the posting?
You can if you wish, however you do not have to.  If an Advisor/Tipster steps forward, the contact information will be forwarded to the Creditor which must be kept confidential at all times; OR the Creditor may choose to include an email address with the posting for the Advisor/Tipster to contact the Creditor directly.

Who establishes the reward percentage?
The Creditor establishes the reward percentage at all times.  When a judgment posting is provided to Credifacts the Creditor may disclose a percentage rate to be posted with the judgment; OR the Creditor may choose to disclose the reward percentage directly with the Advisor/Tipster; OR the Creditor may choose to not offer a reward at all but this must be disclosed to Credifacts prior to posting the judgment. Credifacts is not involved in determining the reward percentage what-so-ever. 

I am the Advisor/Tipster, the Creditor recovered assets from my tip but has chosen not to pay the reward, can i request the reward from Credifacts?
NO, Credifacts provides a platform only for the Creditor to post their judgment.  All dealings pertaining to the reward, establishing the reward percentage & payment of the reward amount, are strictly with the Creditor.  Credifacts cannot be held responsible for the reward what-so-ever.

Should you have a question, comment, or concern which is not addressed above, please forward an inquiry to creditservices@credifacts.com

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