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P.P.S.A. Search

> this search identifies all the secured creditors & their order of priority, what type of security is held, registration number, and expiry dates.

> this report should be ordered to supplement the credit application of a new customer where a credit line of $10,000. or more is being considered.  The report will help determine financial obligations.

Corporate Profile Report
> this report should be obtained prior to the commencement of legal proceedings, registration of any security documents and to verify directors & officers of the company.

Litigation Searches
> report helps to determine if there is any ongoing litigation, identifies plaintiff(s), defendant(s), court jurisdiction, dollar value & the nature of the litigation.

> report helps to determine some of the five C's of credit as well as determine the cost effectiveness of proceeding with a litigation.

Insolvency Searches

> report provides the name of the trustee, contact, telephone, date of the bankruptcy, and file number.

> best to order when trying to address insolvency rumors and to meet audit requirements for bad debt write offs.

> recommend filing proof of claim every time a customer files for insolvency.

CrediFacts provides our valued clients with Corporate and Personal Property Security Act (P.P.S.A.) Reports.  These reports are obtained through the various Provincial Ministries.

In today's business environment current and verified credit information is an absolute must. 

An incorrect legal name, lack of the most current bank and industry trade references will increase your uncollectible accounts.

When to order search reports


Legal Business Name

Registration Data / Status

Corporations registered address

Company Type

Directors of the Corporation


Secured Creditor Listing

General Collateral Description

Registration Number

Collateral Classification Being Secured

Registration File Number

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